REVIEW: golden Rosen cleansing wipes

aloha dolls. so I've decided on the last day of every month I'll be doing a best and/or worst item review.
for the month of April, my favorite product was Golden Rose cleansing wipes.
for those nights where you get home late and really cant be bothered to get up and wash your face Golden rose is the handiest thing everr! it's hypoallergenic (has a decreased tendency to provoke allergic reaction) and alcohol free. also it doesn't dry your skin as other wipes do.
you can get it at any nakumatt outlet and it retails at about Ksh 350. totally worth it.
let me know what make up removal styles you practice.

in other news happy birthday to my friend +Annie Jerop. love always**

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  1. Anny J says:

    Aaaw* Thanks so much Sugar! :)

  2. I think I'll give it a try, I have been using Farmasi but I don't like it very much.

  3. Krystin O. says:

    these will make you quite happy Yvonne.

  4. Stylifiq says:

    I just buy cussons 50 pack baby wipes and keep in my bag, or cudsies 30 lol, I try to wash my face first thing when I get home just to get it in my system

  5. Krystin O. says:

    washing my face is such a task for me lol! But i'll try the baby wipes thanks!

  6. I'll definitely use this for my face. I'm so lazy to clean up my make up in the evening. These baby wipes seem to be perfect. Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my blog.

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