tales of the White Tee (Chapter III)

starting right from where i left off... part three of the white Tee series

look 3: the A-line skirt
another way i wear my white T-shirt is with an A-line skirt. this is my basic school look. paired here with flats (which i painted myself), and my multicoloured chain just to add some life to the outfit.


here with Lewis of ledida fashion wear

let me know what you think of the look ay'all
hugs and kisses*

photos courtesy of Mark Karubiu

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  1. Anny J says:

    I have a skirt just like the one you're wearing!!:-)
    Awesome post, as expected.

  2. Krystin O. says:

    we should therefore set a date and wear them together Lol!
    Thankyou Annie

  3. Harrie says:

    Hey girl,you look great..A white Tee is definitely a must have item in every closet. Love how you paired it.work it


  4. Krystin O. says:

    thankyou Harrie :-) and thanks for stopping by

  5. so am just discovering your blog today extending my invite to join other local bloggers at FashionBloggersRus on Facebook. its a great new channel to share request me on facebook Grace Alice Ndiege I will add you to it. you can drop in by my blog as well.


  6. Krystin O. says:

    thankyou for the invite Grace, i accept and will make a point of stopping by your blog

  7. Krystin O. says:
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