Tales of the White Tee (Chapter I)

yo! it's been a month now! four weeks since i last posted *sigh* i do not know where to begin with the explanations, all i can do is promise it will not happen again! infact as i write this i'm about to queue posts for the next couple of weeks coz i'm going to be away for a while... but that's a story for another day. a huge shoutout to all who blew up my phone asking for new posts, i gat you!
i'm excited about this post. it's the first of a series of four. i got inspired to do it because i'm almost always in a white tee shirt, so i decided to show you just four different ways in which i wear mine. the photos were taken by my good friend and photographer  mark karubiu at a place called kamutini (yikes i hope i spelled that right). i will also narrate the story of the shoot in the next post. so here goes the first look.

look 1: with the pencil skirt

paired here with my midi pencil skirt, black heels and a few gold accessories. the tee was actually taken from Danson Kiundi's laundry once a year ago. thank you for letting me have it!

tell me what you think of the look ey?
bless you for all your patience

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  1. White tee's are definitely a staple. :-) I like the look.

  2. I love! ! I need to rock that look!! Wouldn't have thought of that in a million years!!

  3. Krystin O. says:

    defininitely Patricia. Thanks

  4. Krystin O. says:

    go ahead & try it out!

  5. Anny J says:

    We can't continue being friends until I get a skirt like that -_-

  6. I love this look, mainly because of the fact that the shirt is so simple and loose and the skirt is elegant so the whole combination between the two of them is just amazing :)


  7. Krystin O. says:

    haha! Your blackmailing will not work! Talk to me nicely ;-)

  8. such an effortless look.love it!!

  9. Krystin O. says:

    thanks Cherry :) appreciated

  10. Simple has never looked that awesome....only in Sugar and Spice ;);)

  11. Krystin O. says:

    oh Mwangi, your words flatter me :-D
    Thankyou darling!

  12. Harrie says:

    Love the look...the skirt wow.. I want.


  13. Moussou says:

    This skirt is lovely !!!

    La Mouche


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