Shopping List

the weather has changed.. drastically! I'm not complaining though, the heat had become unbearable. so now i realize i need quite a bit of things to help me bear this cold. here i s my march-April shopping list.


bright colored blazers should do. the beige one is from Topshop while the 2nd is from Forever21, cute huh?


i have like 11 scarves, but i'm tired of those. i want a whole collection of neon ones now.


to keep me warm obviously plus i do not own a pair of flat boots  o_0
how cool would a pair of over-the -knee pair be! the 2nd boot is.

Gum boots/wellies.

when was the last time you saw anyone in gum boots? seriosly though. the weatherman says it's going to rain torrents in the following couple of months and i being a Nairobi college student know the woes i endure getting to and fro school; wading in water and almost being submerged in mud. so yes i'm getting myself a pair of wellington boots. probably polka dotted or  wih animal print.


because you can never have enough. specifically i need hair accessories, rings and chunky necklaces.
all the above accessories are from closet49.

that's all folks.
peace & love


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  1. Love the reasoning behind boots :D

  2. Actually haven't thought about the gum boots, should be getting myself a pair!! i fancy the fashion sense baby!!!!!

  3. Krystin O. says:

    i will keep you posted on how it goes with the wellies

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