i finally put up a page to promote Sugar & Spice on the 'dreaded' Facebook. i don't own a personal timeline on there. of course i once had a Facebook account but i deactivated it two years ago when things got 'too much' for me. i must admit it is a bit exciting to be back now. it's like a whole new experience coz everything has changed so much. the only thing that's remained constant all this while is the color Lol!
so go ahead and like the Facebook page I'll be sharing much more there.
hugs n' kisses

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  1. Congratulations on setting up your Facebook page. It's important for building your blog audience. All the best in the future :)

  2. Krystin O. says:

    thankyou Yvonne, i appreciate it

  3. Congrats! Good luck with the facebook page

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